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Truly rhood books !
Rhoodbooks is also the publishing house for books about the Rhoodmen of Rhutland, the original inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of what we now call Middle England. The small remaining part is now known as Rutland, though the original territory, known as Rhutland,  spanned from Wales to the Wash.
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from the mucky book section, Stuffed Skunk Books, the 2012 Hooker Prize winning book Several Shades of Not Quite Snow White is now available on Amazon Kindle at a mere 92p. If you want to know what the one-eyed rent collector got, the 85 year old cougar had or the tart from Bakewell looked like then look no further. And, hey! You can’t even buy something from the £1 shop for 92p!

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Hooker prize winner 2012
At last….. ‘pissup’
The game Everyone
Wants to Play but
But nobody wants
To win!